What are the Most Popular Tobacco eJuices in 2021?

If you’re a vaper who has a penchant for a tobacco taste in your e-liquids, then you might be surprised at just how many options are available from brands today. For many of us, tobacco e-liquids are our comfort blanket in the vape world. 

Tobacco flavored e-liquids never get boring, taste great in most setups, they work in almost every mod on the market, and when you’ve invested time and money into getting hold of your hardware, why fiddle around with experimenting when there’s already something that works so well? 

In this article, we’ll take a look at some vape products on the market which transform tobacco into a rich and full-bodied experience with plenty of flavor nuances.

What are Tobacco eJuices?

The tobacco flavor is created by blending several primary and/or secondary ingredients. The primary tobacco flavor includes natural tobacco extracts, but these can be altered to fit the different tastes required for different blends. 

The secondary ingredients are also mostly artificial, although there are some natural ones. There are many types of e-liquid, but most ejuice brands today use a vegetable glycerin base mixed with various flavoring agents, which are often sugar or artificial sweeteners.

Tobacco e-liquids also may contain water or propylene glycol, which adds to the convenience of carrying around an e-liquid vape pen.

With an ever-increasing number of e-liquid manufacturers and flavors on the market, we decided to put together a comprehensive guide on selecting the best tobacco e-juices for your needs.

Tobacco Flavor Ejuices

It's true. Vaping has many rewards and benefits to those who either cannot or wish to smoke tobacco cigarettes, but there is nothing like a delicious tobacco-flavored e-juice to bring out this sweet spot for vapers who were once smokers.

The background of each person’s starting point may be different. Some might have been around since vaping first started, others might be transitioning from tobacco cigarettes, but the concept is generally the same.

There are many types of tobacco e-liquids available, and with so many brands and flavors, it can be hard to determine which one is right for you. We hope this guide helps you as you search for your new favorite tobacco-flavored ejuice.

Badger Hill Reserve - Milk & Honey 

Milk & Honey is a warm, sweet and creamy vape your taste buds will love. This e-juice brings just the right amount of sweetness and creaminess that you would expect from a milky and honey-flavored vape juice.

Badger Hill Reserve - Brown Sugar

Brown Sugar is a sweet and smokey vape unlike any other. This blend of tobacco and sweet, rich brown sugar with a hint of molasses will leave your taste buds begging for more.

Badger Hill Reserve - American Way

American Way is Badger Hill Reserve's initial tobacco flavor, using a blend of 3 classic tobacco styles found in the Virginia-Carolina tobacco belt. An earthy, mellow breakfast blend with smooth notes of spice, leather, and caramel sweetness that lingers on the throat, ideal for those first few puffs.

Badger Hill Reserve - Classic 

Reserve Classic is an ejuice conceived with a single goal in mind: to recreate in a vapor form what a cigarette tastes like. This formula uses ash, lightly roasted spice, and sweet cocoa notes to provide a familiar taste that will give you the idea of smoking an actual cigarette.

Badger Hill Reserve - Menthol 

Perfect for menthol vape juice lovers, Badger Hill Reserve uses a blend of 3 tobacco styles found in the Virginia-Carolina tobacco belt. It brings in a blend of earthy, spicy, and leather notes to the menthol, giving it that rye tobacco body that pairs perfectly with a refreshing finish. This combination yields an aromatic flavor that is robust, yet subtly sweet. 

Mint Vape EJuice

Aside from tobacco ejuices, e-liquid manufacturers have been working with the mint flavor for years, and they have gotten pretty good at crafting delicious mint vape juice. This is because most e-liquids use a cooling agent called menthol.

With this popular ingredient, vape juice manufacturers can create a pleasant mint vape liquid. However, this cool sensation can throw a serious monkey wrench in someone’s ability to enjoy the flavor due to sensitivities to menthol.

This is where nicotine salt comes in handy. Nic salts contain benzoic acid or salicylic acid which can reduce the alkalinity of nicotine, making it smoother on your throat.

Mint vape juices come in a variety of flavors that include:

Watermelon Rush Ice 

The refreshing taste of big juicy watermelons and sweet strawberries come together in the uplifting blend of Watermelon Rush Ice.

MINTS - Wintergreen 

Wintergreen vape juice has an authentic full-bodied wintergreen taste for people who love the taste of Wintergreen.

MINTS - Peppermint 

This flavor vape juice is the explosive combination backed by the explosive depth of candy cane or peppermint hard candy.

MINTS - Spearmint 

Experience the rich taste of Spearmint in the menthol spearmint flavored vape juice. The Spearmint is a cool and smooth hit that will refresh your mind and invigorate your soul.

MEGA - Mango Rush ICE 

The tropical juices of mangos rush forward in this blend. As the exotic flavors sit on your tongue in a cool burst, you are left in awe of what comes next.

MINTS - Chocomint 

Chocomint is a minty vape flavor designed to satisfy the adventurous palate. Minty, cool, with a hint of chocolate—this flavor goes down smooth and will make you want more!

Badger Hill Reserve - Menthol 

Badger Hill Reserve is a blend of 3 tobacco styles found in the Virginia-Carolina tobacco belt. It has an earthy, smooth character with a bit of spice and leather. A very satisfying classic blend with menthol.

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