What Are the Regulations Behind Buying Vape Juice Online?

Vaping continues to be a booming market, and this popularity comes with a lot of opposition and mixed reactions. Several vape laws and restrictions have been enacted as authorities try to curb the surge of youth vaping in the United States. One way or another, these restrictions affect how vapers can purchase e-juices, vape kits, and other vaping products that they need.

What Are The Rules You Must Know When Buying E-juice Online?

If you’re a vaper who prefers to get your gear from nearby local shops, then you get to benefit from a myriad of flavor options — from tobacco e-juice, menthol vape juice, mint vape juice, fruity flavors, creamy flavors, and more — and a wide range of products. The experience, however, is dramatically changing when you buy vape juice and other vaping gear online.

Here’s a rundown of some of the most important regulations, laws, and guidelines that consumers must know when purchasing their vape juice through online vendors or sellers.

  • Age and Legality

Under U.S. federal law, it is legal to purchase nicotine e-juice and nicotine vapes. However, a vaper must be an adult aged 21 or over to buy nicotine e-juice, vape kits, accessories, pre-filled cartridges, and more. 

Vape purchases over the internet also require different types of verification — some may ask for the customer’s ID to verify and prove the age while others may ask for age verification from a third party.

  • Online Vape Ban

Several states have also pushed forward with an online vape sales ban. The states of Arkansas, Maine, and Vermont, for example, have effectively banned out-of-state online sales. 

In the states of Colorado, Georgia, and Utah, the delivery of vape products directly to consumers is prohibited unless it is made by an owner or employee of a licensed retailer. South Dakota, meanwhile, bans the shipping of any tobacco and vape products to any consumer, whether the seller is based in South Dakota or not.

  • Vape Flavor Ban

Are you the type of vaper who loves to explore different types of flavors like menthol vape juice, mint vape juice, fruity flavors, and chocolate blends? You may not continue this practice for long since several states have already banned flavored e-liquids.

The details of the prohibitions on flavored vape juices vary by state. Massachusetts, for example, only permits the sale of tobacco e-juices with a nicotine strength of less than 35mg/ml. In New York and New Jersey, only tobacco flavored e-juice, prefilled vape pods, disposable vapes, and prefilled cartridges are allowed.

  • Prevent All Cigarette Trafficking (“PACT”) Act

In 2020, former President Donald Trump signed into law the Prevent All Cigarette Trafficking or PACT Act,  which prohibits the shipment of all vape products. Here’s how the new regulations will affect the buying and selling of e-liquids online.

  • You will not be able to purchase your favorite vape juices and have them shipped directly to your home in the US. The ban on vape product shipments also applies to e-liquid containing no nicotine, devices, tanks, and coils. 
  • You will have to pay higher shipping prices because the only alternative that online vape shops have is to use private courier networks.
  • Online vape shops are required to register with tobacco tax authorities and submit paperwork that includes records of sales and details like customers’ names, addresses, ages, quantities, and types of products bought and sold.
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