WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

MEGA - Coffee Donuts

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Premium Roasted Coffee with the perfect amount of Chocolate Doughy Deliciousness.

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Daniel A.
United States United States
Only salt nic I use

I love the coffee and doughnuts flavor. I came across this after switching from the expensive juul to the nord model. As I start using just regular old tobacco flavor. I found myself wanting to try a different flavor but this in lies the problem I found myself in. Every single time I tried flavored vape juices I found myself going back to cigarettes. That was until I smelled this. I love it. It’s perfect for after dinner and with my morning coffee both my weak points. I’ve now been exclusively vaping only coffee and doughnuts for over 2 years and will never smoke another cigarette again. I thank you my daughter thanks you

United States United States
My 2 cents

I ordered a set of samples and one that I chose was Coffee Donuts at 3mg. Flavor I would give it an 8, I really enjoyed it but would like a bit stronger coffee taste. This is all subjective but I consider it a really good tasting juice. Throat hit ( again your set up and experience will differ ) I would put at a 7 which is fine cause you don't want it blowing your head off. Clouds ( which is the least I care about ) is an 8, not overly cloudy so you could sneak a hit and hold without a problem. Will order again.

Gemma L.
Australia Australia
Best tasting vape juice EvER!!

Love this vape juice best tasting one by far..shipping is also really good especially the distance it travels highly recommend!!

Dara W.
United States United States
Verdict has the best flavors

I LOVE Coffee and Donuts it's my go to flavor. Love Love Love it!!!

Greg L.
United States United States
Great product and service

Just what I expected and arrived in a couple days. No need to go to the vape shop to find out they dont have what I want



What are Nicotine Salts? 
First off, they are not actual solid "salts" like table salt we use to add to foods. Rather a nicotine salt is a liquid compound that has been modified from its freebase form to its salt form, in this case, known as its acidic form.
What is the purpose of Nicotine Salts? 
The purpose of the Nicotine Salt itself is to enhance your vaping experience by utilizing increased strengths of nicotine while having little to no harshness at all.
Are Nicotine Salts safe? 
All components in the formulation, with the exception of Nicotine, are FEMA/GRAS food grade. Nicotine is USP grade. 
How do you use nicotine salts? 
What is the difference between normal nicotine solution and Nicotine Salt? Nicotine Salts can be used in the same manner as traditional nicotine solution, the difference lies in the capabilities of what the Salt can deliver. With the traditional nicotine blends, there are natural properties that a normal nicotine solution carries that does not permit the ability to vape at a higher nicotine strength. Normal nicotine solutions also may not deliver something a smooth as one may desire but what the salt does is that it takes those desired features and combines them into one. Nicotine salts permit the ability to vape at a much higher nicotine strength without the harshness or throat hit that would traditionally occur if using normal nicotine solution. For those who do not want to vape at a higher nicotine strength, what the Salt provides is the smoothest vaping experience. At low concentrations like 3 or 6, using Nicotine Salts could easily cause one to overlook the presence nicotine in their juice because of how smooth the experience is. 
How do I handle nicotine salts? Why is the liquid color different? 
Nicotine Salts should be treated with the same care as standard nicotine solutions. The same amount of nicotine is still present in the Nicotine Salt solution as compared to an equivalent standard nicotine solution. The reason why the Nicotine Salt solution has a different color is due to the acidification process. The color of the Nicotine Salt is the conclusion of its creation rather than, the oxidation of the Salt. An additional benefit of the process is that the Nicotine Salt contains anti-oxidative properties that will benefit the nicotine in extending its shelf life.


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