Choosing the Right Mint E-Juice for You

Regardless of what e-liquid flavor best suits your taste buds, there's a menthol e-juice out there that's right for you. One of the most popular menthol vape juices is mint vape juice, also known as menthol e-liquid. So, how do you choose the best menthol vape juice for you?

With thousands of different e-juice flavors and hundreds of e-juices on the market, it can be rather challenging to find and select the flavor you're going to enjoy the most.

Whether you've been vaping for a while and you’re tired of vaping the same flavors, or you're brand new to the vaping industry and looking for more details about the best menthol e-liquids, we've got you covered.

In this article, we'll provide you with everything you need to know about menthol e-juices and list the best vape juice brands that really give a menthol kick.

 Continue reading below to learn more about one of the most popular e-cigarette flavors out there so you can choose the right menthol e-juice for you!

Different Types of Cooling Agents

There are a variety of different cooling agents that may be used to create a cooling effect in your e-juice. Let’s take a look at a few of them in this brief list below.


Menthol is the main form of cooling agent that people think about when they start vaping the best menthol e-liquids. It has a minty, refreshing taste and feels a little cold during the inhalation and exhalation, but these flavors aren't too extreme.


The cold sensation of Koolada is mostly felt in the back of the throat rather than in the mouth. The flavor can also be slightly muted in the e-liquid mixture, mainly when used at higher percentages.


WS-23 has no flavor, and it produces a cold sensation both in the back of the throat and in the mouth. In comparison to Koolada, WS-23 causes less muting of the cool menthol flavor.

What is Menthol?

Menthol is a chemical compound that gives menthol its unique type of coolness.

Menthol is widely isolated and extracted from a mint plant or peppermint leaves and then used in medicines and health and beauty products because of the ability pure menthol has in offering a cooling sensation of touch. It also exists as a crystal in its isolated form.

The intensely soothing, icy-cold menthol-mint taste is extremely useful for breath fresheners such as toothpaste and chewing gum.

The trademark menthol taste can also be found in over-the-counter cold medicine, offering a pleasantly efficient way of clearing a standard head cold and re-energizing your body’s sense of energy. 

Does Menthol Have a Flavor? 

Most people don't know that menthol is simply an organic material that can naturally be contained in several types of products.

Adding menthol extract to an e-juice can make the vapor feel cold as it travels along the lips, down the esophagus, into the lungs, and back out again. It also increases the impact of the initial hit as well, which is something that many people enjoy.

Why Does Menthol Feel Cold? 

Menthol tobacco contains a compound that binds to neurons in your mouth that make open the ion channel, giving the receptor the sensation that it has been exposed to cold, thus signaling this information to your brain.

This type of tobacco sensitizes the neurons to the effect that they don't wear as soon as you spit out the mint toothpaste or quit chewing the mint. If you take a drink of cold water right after that the cool temperature, it will likely feel extremely cold. 

What to Know Before Choosing a Mint-Based Vape Juice

So you've got your vape pen, now you must decide which type of e-juice to purchase. Here is a list of five essential things to remember before choosing a menthol blend e-juice.


Menthol flavors are the number one consideration most people look for with their first e-liquid. Luckily, because of the e-liquid industry's growth, there are hundreds of juice flavors to choose from.

For instance, here at Verdict Vapors, some of our best menthol e-juices include menthol blend, mint, dessert, fruit, breakfast, and candy. We also have a great tasting tobacco flavor coming soon.


Nicotine intensity is another important factor when purchasing an e-liquid, especially for users who have just transitioned from traditional smoking to vaping. In general, the harsher the cigarettes you preferred to smoke, and the more you used them, the higher the nicotine content you're likely to choose with your e-liquid. 

Throat Hit

Throat hit refers to the sensation of smoke that hits the back of your esophagus. For most people, the type of hit consistency that they will get when inhaled is a significant consideration to consider when selecting a new e-juice. 


As vaping becomes more popular, the best menthol e-liquid brands are appearing on shelves everywhere. Unfortunately, not all of them are safe or regulated for regular usage. Before choosing an e-liquid, make sure you do a lot of research to ensure you choose the safest product possible.


Lastly, be sure to also look at the price of the e-liquid and the brand. If you've never vaped before, you probably don't have any idea that the e-juice brands are trustworthy and, more importantly, the most affordable. 

Here at Verdict Vapors, we bring our customers various e-juices from all of the top names in the vaping industry. With vape brands like Mints Vape Co., Zen Haus, MEGA E-Liquids, and Badger Hill Reserve, Verdict Vapors continues to be the number one trusted e-juice online shop on the market.

The Right Price to Pay for a Mint E-Juice 

The cost of vaping is extremely fair, particularly when compared to the cost of smoking menthol cigarettes. However, not all e-liquids are made equal, and there are significant variations between each brand and product, and these differences influence the price of e-liquids.

Find the Best Menthol E-Juices at Verdict Vapors Today 

The world of vaping and CBD products has grown significantly over the years, and it can be challenging for any vape user to navigate the internet to find reliable information.

We hope we’ve cleared up any questions you might have had about choosing the right mint e-juice for your needs.

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