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PACT ACT Shipping Update

On October 21st, 2021, USPS discontinued their shipping service for any vape or vaping related products.

This only leaves the industry with smaller carrier options that may not be able to deliver to your address at this time. We are actively working on expanding our serviceable zip codes in the coming weeks and months. If we are unable to ship to you currently, we urge you to sign up to our newsletter for updated regarding added service areas. We also urge you to contact your local vape shops and tell them to pickup our products if they don’t already carry them.

Shipping and Delivery

We currently offer a flat rate shipping option of $16.95 which covers a $7.00 Required Adult Signature fee and a flat $9.95 covers the shipment cost.

Please allow 1-3 business days for processing. Once your order is processed, shipping can take anywhere from 5-15 business days depending on the location.

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The mints collection

MINTS - Wintergreen
93 reviews
  • From $2.99
MINTS - Peppermint
115 reviews
  • From $2.99
MINTS - Spearmint
74 reviews
  • From $2.99
MINTS - Chocomint
61 reviews
  • From $2.99
MINTS - Lemonmint
  • From $9.99
MINTS - Applemint
  • From $9.99

Zen Haus

Zen Haus - Rebirth
26 reviews
  • From $2.99
Zen Haus - Serenity
25 reviews
  • From $2.99
Zen Haus - Nirvana
15 reviews
  • From $2.99
Zen Haus - Meditation
19 reviews
  • From $2.99

If you love the taste of Wintergreen, then we think you will agree that this is the absolute best Wintergreen e-juice on the market for those who are chasing the taste of mint and prefer menthol vape. Our Wintergreen e-liquid is not your standard Wintergreen vape juice. We utilize more flavoring than any of our competitors to give you a great flavor profile for your vape pen, which means you can also expect only the highest quality ingredients in all of our vape juice products.

Our Wintergreen vape juice will blast your taste buds with sweetness, which is one of the primary reasons why this vape juice flavor is one of our favorites. It also has nicotine salt options so you can enjoy the flavor while it hits the spot. With a unique flavor profile, one puff of our Wintergreen e-juice will instantly transport you to a Wintergreen wonderland, where you will enjoy the delicious taste and heavenly aromas of the thick vapor smoke this menthol e-liquid provides.

If you're looking for a Wintergreen flavored vape liquid with nicotine salt that hits the spot, this will do the job. Savor this rich, yet smooth Wintergreen vaping experience today!


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