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US Congress passed the Prevent All Cigarette Trafficking (“PACT”) Act at the end of 2020. The PACT Act contains a rule classifying vapor products as tobacco products, subjecting e-Liquid, hardware, and other vape products to the same shipping rules as cigarettes and other analogous products.

As of March 27th, 2021 The PACT Act goes into effect.

Shipment of any vape product including the hardware and accessories can longer be shipped through the mail system.

USPS has delayed their deadline to April 27th however, all products will require Adult Signature, which will add an additional $7 to each order. We are now also required to to collect any additional excise taxes based on your shipping location as well as reporting the customer purchase information to the State.

As regulations continue to evolve, we as a company will continue to achieve these goals while ensuring our operations remain within the federal guidelines for compliance. Unfortunately, this does mean there will be some changes to our shipping policies by these new regulations.

Between now and April 26, not much will change; we will continue to fully restock products and ship through USPS exclusively.

After April 26, you’ll need to prepare yourself for some significant shipping changes:

  1. USPS plans to no longer ship vape products after April 27, 2021.
  2. If you are outside the continental U.S., Verdict Vapors will no longer be able to ship to you through any carrier as of April 27.
  3. Shipping prices are going to change and will increase. New taxes will also be applied to every order, but these will vary by your location as they are on a state and municipality level.
  4. Starting March 26th, 2021, USPS is requiring an adult signature for all deliveries of vape products. This means that you or an adult aged 21+ who lives at your address will need to show a valid photo ID to the mail carrier and sign for the packages. This will add a $7 fee onto every order. Please read our full statement to learn more about your delivery options.
  5. At this time, we are working on solutions to continue to serve you, and we will let you know when an option is available.

As more details become available after April 27, 2021, we will make sure to keep you updated in a timely manner.


What does USPS adult signature mean?

This type of shipping is the only way USPS will ship vape products as of March 26th, 2021. The USPS definition of vape products includes vape juice, disposables, vape devices, and all hardware parts. This means that an adult aged 21+ who lives at your address will be required to show a valid photo ID to the mail carrier and sign for your package to receive it. This additional step will add a $7 fee onto every order whether you buy two bottles or twenty.

I can't be home to sign for my delivery. What do I do?

Luckily, USPS has a few options for you if you won’t be home to sign for your packages. You can open a P.O. Box at your local USPS location, and the mail carrier will leave a slip in your box so you can retrieve your package from a clerk after showing your ID and signing. Alternatively, you can request that USPS deliver your package to a pickup location, where you can follow the same steps to get your package. If you have a restrictive scheduled, by buying in bulk, you can stock up in fewer shipments and reduce the extra steps needed.

Are taxes on my purchase going up?

Yes. With the new regulations related to the PACT Act, you will likely see an increase in taxes applied to your order. These taxes will depend on your shipping address because they are on a state and municipality level, and our system is set up to calculate these taxes for you. We will continue to update you with more information when it becomes available.

I missed my delivery. Now what?

Don’t worry! If no adult is home to sign for your package, your USPS carrier will leave a slip on your door with instructions for delivery options including redelivery (meaning they will try again the following mail day) and pickup locations.


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