Thank You for Not Smoking: 8 Vaping Common Courtesies

Smoking etiquette has developed over decades and is now pretty clear, but what about vaping etiquette? E cigarettes are still relatively new technology, and the social norms around them aren't as well-known. How do you know when it's appropriate to vape and when it isn't?

Here are some dos and don'ts to remember when vaping in public.

Consider Legal Status

Tobacco products have been around for centuries, so there are plenty of clear laws and guidelines around them. The law hasn't quite caught up to vaping, though, and regulations around vapes are changing frequently.

Most states don't have sweeping laws banning vaping. Aside from exceptions like California, Hawaii, Colorado, and Delaware, cities have to individually ban vaping and specify the places and situations in which they're banned. Check your local laws on vaping before you use your device in public!

Think Location: Where Is Vaping Appropriate?

Vaping has gained popularity because it's different from smoking, without the same harmful ingredients like tar. Vapes don't have the same strong smell as tobacco. There are lots of pleasant e-juice flavor options, ranging from cherry to Swedish Fish to menthol vape juice, and the smell doesn't linger the same way as real tobacco does.

Even with all the differences between traditional cigarettes and vapes, it's best not to assume that vaping is welcome everywhere. Some people are very sensitive to smoke or smells, and others might be trying to avoid any form of nicotine. Even around other vapers, there are some situations where it's best to keep your e-cig tucked away.

When you're trying to figure out vape etiquette, common sense goes a long way.

1. Do Check Ahead at Bars and Restaurants

You might be wondering whether it's okay to vape in bars or restaurants. After all, just a few decades ago there were designated smoking areas in restaurants!

In many states, it's technically legal to vape in bars and restaurants. In practice, it's best to always ask permission before taking a puff on your vape. Bars are more likely to be lenient, but restaurants might have stricter rules to protect the dining atmosphere.

If you're in a restaurant with lots of enclosed spaces, it's best to assume vaping isn't allowed. If you're on a patio, that might be a gray area, but you can always ask your server or a manager ahead of time - they'll probably be glad you asked.

2. Don't Vape in Indoor Public Spaces

Even if there aren't laws preventing you from using your vape in public places, it's most polite to avoid using your vape while you're in an enclosed space. Malls, workplaces, and movie theaters are full of all kinds of people, and not all of them will love the smell of your e-liquid. Non-vapers might also worry about secondhand vapor.

When you're indoors, vapor has a stronger smell and takes longer to fade away. It might be tempting to try stealth vaping in a situation like this, but try to resist! Vapor dissipates relatively quickly, but it's still easy to spot.

3. Do Keep Vape Maintenance at Home

Maintaining your vape can get messy, so stick to doing it at home. You don't want to make a mess in a public place or in someone else's home. Dealing with oils and vape liquids can result in stains and splatters, so avoid it as much as possible.

If you have emergency maintenance to take care of, look for a suitable place like a big utility sink or some other area that's easy to wipe down.

4. Do Pay Attention to No Smoking Signs

Vaping is different from smoking, but if there's a no smoking sign in an establishment, they might not want people using e-cigs either. Some places have updated their signs and rules to ban vaping specifically, but other companies might not have gotten around to it.

The scent of tobacco vape juice might not fool seasoned smokers, but non-smokers may actually think it's cigarette smoke. You can avoid awkward situations by waiting to vape until you're outside.

5. Don't Blowing Vapor in Someone's Face

This is one of the most important rules of thumb when it comes to smoking and vaping etiquette, and it's probably one you're familiar with. It's considered highly disrespectful to blow smoke of any kind in someone's face.

It's not at all the same as offering someone a drag on a vape, and the scented fog can actually trigger some people's allergies. This behavior reflects badly on the vaping community, so be polite and keep your vapor away from people's faces as much as possible.

6. Don't Blowing Big Clouds of Smoke in Public

How many times have you seen someone blow a huge vapor cloud in their car or out on the street? You might have even seen videos on social media.

This practice is best known as cloud chasing, where the goal is to create the biggest clouds possible, and some people can blow rings, bells, and other unusual shapes. People do this alone and in competitions.

Non-vapers probably won't be as entranced by big clouds as you are, though. Avoid making a crowded sidewalk into your personal cloud chasing competition, and take more discreet puffs.

7. Do Put Your E-Cigarette Away Around Children

This is another common sense recommendation, and most people probably do this already! Still, it's important to avoid vaping around anyone under the legal vaping or smoking age.

Most vape liquid contains nicotine, so children's parents will thank you for taking a break from vaping around them.

8. Do Ask If You're Still Unsure

If you're not sure if vaping is allowed in a space, ask before you go ahead and vape. It's common courtesy, and it shows respect for those around you. It's always better to ask beforehand, so you don't unknowingly break any rules or get asked to leave.

Why Vaping Etiquette Is Important

Vape devices and vapers are still new in many people's eyes. When you go out of your way to do the right thing, you're showing other people that people who use vapes can be responsible and considerate. Not everyone totally understands vaping yet, but you can be a good representative for the community by showing consideration for others.

Once you have it down, you can enjoy your products with confidence! Verdict Vapors has a wide selection of e-juice flavors for you to try, from fantastic mint vape juice options to our very own Rainbow Cookies flavor. Visit our shop or contact us today to learn more about our offerings and find a vape product of your own.