The Best Vape Juice Subscription Box Just Got Even Better!


We are super excited to announce that the Mints Vape Co. lineup is now available at ZampleBox! And they come in the best vape juice subscription box


Mint Vape Juice Subscription Box | Zamplebox | Mints Vape Co.


The Best Mint Vape Juice Subscription Box Just Got Even Better!

We are super excited to announce that the Mints Vape Co. lineup is NOW AVAILABLE at ZampleBox!

Summer is finally here, so make sure you add these to your next box so you can beat the heat with minty coolness!



Mint Vape Juices made to match you!

SpearmintWintergreenPeppermint, and Chocolate. We are sure to have something to match your unique style. No matter how you take your mints, we will have you covered.

But you don’t have to take our word for it!

ZampleBox subscribers have already been loving Mints!

We have only been in the box for a few weeks now, but just look at all the great things their subscribers are saying about Mints.





The Dinner That Made Mints

This line was created out of pure necessity. A few years back we were at a vape show down in Colombia. We had brought both the Verdict Vapors and Mega Lines to the expo to promote that weekend. On day one of the show, we had a tremendous number of people requesting cool, mint or ice flavors, and at that time we only had Mega Eliquids Mango Ice and Watermelon Rush Ice.
That night at dinner we were comparing notes and realizing that we needed more cool flavors, but something different and unique. Someone mentioned that they loved the white circle candy mints and that is what started it all.

We started looking to see what kind of mint eliquids are already available and realized that most were focusing more on the menthol or excessive cooling.

No one had yet attempted to create the “perfect mint vape”

That dinner we created the concepts for the 4 flavors available today, bought the domain and the rest is history.

Who knew a 2 hour dinner in Colombia could be so productive!?


#VAPEMINTS Share Your Pics

Mints Vape Co. is new at ZampleBox. We need your reviews and ratings to reach the glory of becoming a ZampleBox 2020 Award Winner.

Do you think we have created the perfect mint flavor?

ZampleBox makes it super easy to review the flavors you receive from them each month. If you are already a member, head over to ` and share your thoughts.
If not, just set up your ZampleBox account! (No Subscription Required)

Want to show your love even more? Be sure to share your review with us on social media.

Don't forget to tag @verdictvapors @zamplebox and use the hashtag #vapemints.

Your reviews and picture might be the one to help someone find their new favorite ejuice!

Verdict Vapors + ZampleBox = 💚

Verdict Vapors has been providing the ZampleBox community with fantastic flavors for some time now!

In almost 3 years our products have received over 3000 reviews and ratings from ZampleBox customers. The ratings are in and show that ZampleBox subscribers think we make some of the best ejuice out there!

We are proud to share the fact that every one of our products has been rated no lower than 4/5 stars. Seeing how much this community is enjoying our flavors is exactly why we got started making eliquid.