The Most Exciting Vape Trends From 2020

For centuries, people relied on the unique kick cigarette smoking can give. However, the health concerns surrounding cigarette smoking has prompted people to seek alternatives. With the advancement of technology, people introduced a new way of smoking—ingesting nicotine through inhaling vapor.

Vaping, short for vaporing, is the inhalation of vapor through an electric device, also known as e cigarette or e-cigs. E-cigarettes are battery-powered vaping devices that are loaded with cartridges filled with nicotine, flavorings, and chemicals.

The vaping industry has experienced a lot of developments in the last 10 years. It's continuously growing due to increasing demand and companies are consistently innovating in terms of formulation, e-juice flavors, as well as e cig technology. Check out these six trends that shaped the vaping industry in 2020.

Growing Popularity of the Vaping Industry

E-cigarettes have been around for about a decade. In that time, awareness about vaping and how it can benefit smokers has increased, leading to the increased demand for such vaping devices and other products.

According to Euromonitor, the number of adults who vape is expected to reach 55 million by 2021. To meet this demand, more and more companies are joining the vaping industry, introducing newer technology and coming up with newer flavors to cater to vapers' ever-growing taste.

Nicotine Salt

Nicotine salts are pure forms of nicotine combined with an organic acid. The nicotine levels in these salts are much more concentrated than freebase nicotine which is traditionally used in e liquids.

Because of the way a nicotine salt is chemically formulated, it has a lower pH level than freebase nicotine. Its juice also delivers a smoother throat hit than your traditional freebase nicotine salt juice liquids.

The unique formulation of nicotine salts also results in increased absorbability. This means that adding a nicotine salt to your e juice will give you the same kick as a cigarette hit, but with less toxic chemicals ingested and without the smelly clothes.

Additionally, because nicotine salts come in higher concentration than freebase nicotine, they can deliver the same nicotine buzz for way less product. For this reason, your typical $12 to $50 of nicotine salts will last much longer than any other e liquid.

Over time, they are also going to be way more cost-effective than regularly purchasing cigarettes which cost around $15 a pack.

Smaller Vaping Devices

Technology makes living more convenient, and its effect can be felt even within the vaping industry. One of its achievements is to minimize the amount of hardware people have to carry while enjoying more perks.

In light of such technological advancements, vaping devices are also becoming smaller as manufacturers innovate their designs and come out with newer products to follow the industry trends.

There was a surge of popularity for smaller vaping devices in 2020 alone—particularly, there was a boom in demand for vape pens and vape pods.

A vape pen is a long and slim e cigarette that resembles a fancy pen. Meanwhile, a vape pod is a vaping device that utilizes a pod rather than your typical tank or atomizer. These newer devices make carrying e cigs a lot easier and less conspicuous, appealing to a wider demographic.

This trend has led vaping companies to produce smaller and more compact models which are popular not only for their compact design but also for their powerful performance. In fact, these vape pens and vape pods fare better than older and bulkier e cigs.

Smart Vaping

With many household appliances and common objects being upgraded and linked to smartphones for a smart-home experience, e-cigarette manufacturers are also trying to incorporate smart tech into vaping devices. As vaping becomes more popular, manufacturers are accelerating their efforts to innovate and produce more advanced vaping products.

Thanks to new technology, vaping companies have made smart vaping possible in 2020. This trend is expected to continue since smart e cigarettes are both compact and powerful performers. They also feature smartphone integration so they can be controlled wirelessly through Bluetooth connection. This results in an improved vaping experience as well as a more consistent e-cigarette performance.

Flavored E-juices

People love variety, and the same applies to e-liquid. In 2020, a huge vape trend continues to be flavored e liquids despite being declared illegal in several states. Ironically, such policies only served to fuel the popularity of flavored e-cigarettes.

More vapers are seeking to explore new flavors to enhance their vaping device experience. At the same time, the innovation of flavored e juices is attracting more smokers to try vaping for a more varied smoking experience.

This upward trend has urged manufacturers to come up with more flavors. One of the most popular e liquid flavors in 2020 is mint vape juice or menthol vape juice. Mint has a refreshing flavor and can induce a cooling sensation—and when added to other flavors like watermelon, lemon, or chocolate, it can produce an interesting twist to your typical tastes.

Another flavor which many seek out in 2020 is tobacco e-juice. Tobacco E-juice is a type of flavored e-juice meticulously crafted to mimic the taste of tobacco. This is a popular choice for smokers who are dipping their toes into the world of vape for the first time. It's also a sought after option amongst seasoned vapers who would like a return to the classics.

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