Affiliate Program Information

Verdict Vapors Affiliate Program

Welcome to the Verdict Vapors Affiliate Program. Verdict Vapors is an E-Liquid company offering four brands of the finest crafted vape juice on the market. Our program allows you to earn a commission by generating traffic and sales to our website.

What in it for me?

Our affiliate program is free to join, easy to sign up and requires no high-tech knowledge. Affiliates are a common practice on the Internet to help drive traffic and sales to a website. In return, our affiliates will receive a monthly 15% monthly commission. Sign up today and start earning cash for referrals. 

If you're interested in partnering up with Verdict Vapors, click the links below and fill out the application. Once approved, you will be given a custom URL to our website. When user clicks your link, they will be redirected to and their activity will be tracked via the affiliate software.
Once a purchase is completed from the traffic you generated to the site, you will earn commission and be paid out monthly. It's as simple as that.

Become an Affiliate using Shareasale by registering HERE